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Who We Are

About Us

​Wiggins House inspires women to shape society with excellence, integrity, and joy. Its activities inspire women to carry their daily tasks with professionalism and character so as to enrich society and family life with their personal gifts. These activities aim to help women to strive for excellence and to balance family, profession and ongoing cultural development in an environment of friendship and mutual support. The activities take place at different locations through out New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. ​


Our Sponsor

Princeton Women's Cultural Center, Inc. (PWCC, Inc.) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to educate and train women to work well and with purpose in their profession. These programs are founded on the Christian understanding of the dignity of the human person and of the relationship between work and the common good. The spiritual and doctrinal aspects of activities sponsored by PWCC are entrusted to Opus Dei a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Our Programs

PWCC, Inc. offers programs for women of all ages and backgrounds, including girls ranging from elementary school age to university students. Wiggins House organizes cultural activities that foster broad cultural horizons, promote women’s role in building culture, and shed light on fundamental beliefs shared by all persons and rooted in our common humanity.  As cultural center for middle school, high school, college and professional women, Wiggins House programs help women be a positive influence among their peers at the university, with colleagues at work, and in their family life.


Wiggins House (under PWCC Inc.) is dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for those who participate inits activities, especially all minors.  It does not tolerate any sexual or physical abuse on the part of staff, volunteers, or participants, including behavior that is objectively intimidating, either physically or verbally.  Also, staff and volunteers donot provide any illegal substances to the students nor permit their use.  Every adult staff or volunteer submits to a background check and commits to follow a set of behavioral guidelines (here). If you are aware of any abusive behavior, please report it immediately to the President of the Board. The President of the Board in conjunction with the other Board members will promptly investigate and resolve any such complaints or reports. When necessary the Director will inform the Directors of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

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